I hope to provide the viewer with space to dream- a window into another place, where time has no bearing. It is evocative of the past, but exists outside of time. The depiction of a dreamer (or daydreamer) in repose, encourages the viewer to either step inside that dream, or to project/imagine their own.


Aesthetically I am strongly influenced by the look of the 1920's and 1930's. Although the images make reference to the “machine age”, the factories are metaphorical. The smoke billowing from the chimneys parallels the daydreamer’s thoughts and the sleeper’s unconscious. It mimics the active churning of the subconscious.


In this work, I strive to conjure vibrant, breathing images. Ones that are evocative, as well as provocative. If the visceral and emotional connection is successful, a specific meaning to the painting is too narrow. Instead, it will stir the viewer to construe their own narrative context.



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