Dreams can take us to secret chambers, where dream and memory become entwined. Imagine that lives leave luminous traces; lingering spirits of the past. These paintings illuminate these presences, capturing their light, before they flicker and disappear like fireflies. These visions from the past mark the presence of time. They hold the vestiges of breath- the breath of apparitions.


The paintings personally demonstrate what might be beneath our memory—beyond the literal. This is the idea of a connection with a period in history, a place, or a thing to which you are instinctively drawn. An experience that is felt, but cannot be put into words. For example, when imagining a carnival of the past, it takes on the romantic notion of what I dream it would be. Seeing photographs from the 1930’s and 40’s can ignite a spark that sends me a signal or a sign. It’s a place to begin the propulsion towards something that fits within my personal vocabulary.


In a similar way, dark forests and deep waters are places where there is much mystery and hidden beauty. Places that contain/keep many secrets. In the night, summoned like moths to the light, beautiful, bold and intricate creatures awaken, but are rarely seen. 


The Dream Captain plays the part of the Ringmaster to the unconscious. The role of this hypnotist is to invite the viewers into his trance. He is the one that sets the tempo and conjures up the specific frame of mind for viewing the paintings. He is the protector, the one who watches over the dreams. He is the one who holds the smoke. Smoke inhabits the mood in which these paintings exist. Smoke is luscious, hypnotic, soothing and menacing.


With the exception of Dream Captain, the paintings represent images of twins or sisters. At times, they share an identical appearance, but most importantly, they share a psychic twinning. A mysterious psychic link, that can only be triggered and heard from her “other”. For example, the twins of Nocturnal Summoning are captured in such a moment. In the realm between the real and the unreal, they communicate by a psychic current that is only known to them. One compulsively ties knots to induce a trance, triggering the psychic wave to her twin, who places the eggs that are lit from the heat of the current. Without each other, this activity could not take place. They emit a luminous light that marks time and space. They flicker in and depart as a shadow. The unconscious sets the stage for this private theater.



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