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Considering a commissioned work of art? You've come to the right place! Nothing quite compares to having an original painting created just for you! Whether it be a portrait of a loved one, a beloved pet, or something else dear to you, I can go wherever your imagination takes you! A painting is the perfect gift for a wedding, a birthday, or even a gift for yourself! It can also be a special heirloom, to pass down through your family.
Below is a diverse sampling of commissioned works that I've done over the years. I have created portraits from existing family photographs, done drawings and paintings of pets, revisited subjects from my previous paintings, and created paintings with a specific concept, and/or color palette in mind.
The price structure for commissions varies based on size, medium, and complexity. For example, a small "head shot" charcoal drawing will be much less than a large, highly detailed oil painting. The works below range from $2,000-$20,000, but regardless of your finances, I can work with you to offer options that fit your budget!  Get in touch and let's start the conversation! Thank you!

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